The Dyson Pure Cool TP02: A Symphony of High-Performance Air Purification

Written By: Dr Fahad Yasin

The Dyson Pure Cool TP02, part of Dyson’s flagship air purifier series, continues to hold its ground as one of the finest air purifiers available on the market today. In this review, we delve into its remarkable features and performance, showcasing its prowess in delivering clean, purified air to any living space.

While the TP02 model is a few years old, it still remains one of the best air purifiers on market today. So with that said, let’s dive in.

The TP02 performed exceptionally well in our tests, proving its mettle in reducing PM2.5 to an impressive 0.2 and achieving an AQI (Air Quality Index) of 0, all within a mere hour of operation. With its powerful performance, outstanding quality, and user-friendly interface, the TP02 remains a solid choice for air purification.



Quick Specs

Dyson Pure Cool TP02 Design

The TP02’s visual composition is nothing short of a masterpiece. Standing tall at 40 inches, its slender and graceful profile effortlessly fits into any space. The bladeless design, with a large open amplifier at its peak, gives the purifier a modern aesthetic that commands attention.

The Amplifier

At the heart of the TP02’s design lies its mesmerizing amplifier. Akin to a conductor of an orchestra, the amplifier propels purified air outwards, engulfing the room in a symphony of fresh, clean air. 

The bladeless design creates a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Cleaning this work of art is a breeze, requiring only a simple cloth or a vacuum cleaner’s dusting brush attachment.

The Controls

You can control the Dyson Pure Cool TP02 one of two different ways:

  1. Remote Control
  2. Dyson Link App

1) Remote Control

 Though lacking a visual interface, the remote allows users to command the purifier’s settings with ease. As you cycle through options, the display screen reflects the chosen adjustments.

As you cycle through menu options and settings you’ll see the display screen adjust accordingly.
Using the remote control you can adjust any of the settings on the Pure Cool TP02.

2) Dyson Link App

 An intuitive smartphone app complements the TP02’s ensemble. Within five minutes of setup, you gain control over all settings, access air quality monitoring both indoors and outdoors, create customized schedules, and even enjoy voice control via platforms like Alexa.


Here’s a list of all the stuff you can do with the Dyson Link app:

  • Control all settings and features on the TP02
  • Monitor air quality both inside and outside your home
  • Create and manage a schedule
  • Voice control (via Alexa and other platforms)
  • Get updates for the purifier itself

HEPA Filters

A large circular HEPA filter wraps around the base of the TP02.

A single large circular HEPA filter forms the foundation of the TP02’s symphony. This crucial performer demonstrates its might by capturing up to 99.97% of airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere for all.


How does it work?

The Dyson TP02 works like most air purifiers.

  1. Untreated air is sucked into the TP02 thru the base
  2. That air passes through the HEPA filter
  3. The HEPA filter traps particulates that pass over it
  4. The Dyson TP02 forces the purified air out through the top amplifier

Size & Dimensions

The Dyson Pure Cool TP02 is a tall and slender purifier. The design allows you to easily tuck in a corner of the room.

Accessories & Parts

The Dyson TP02 comes with just a few basic parts and accessories that you’ll need, including:

Features that Elevate

Dyson’s TP02 goes beyond mere purification; it is a virtuoso among air purifiers, thanks to its array of features:

Smart Control

The Dyson Link App allows users to masterfully control all settings, monitor air quality, schedule purification routines, and more, all from the convenience of their smartphones.



 With auto mode as its conductor, the TP02 automatically senses air quality and adjusts fan speed accordingly, maintaining high air quality without constant intervention. Manual control options add to its versatility.

Lastly, night mode can be enabled, which turns on a sleep timer. 

Real Time Sensors

Last, but not least, we have real time air quality sensors.

Equipped with a built-in sensor, the TP02 provides instant feedback on air quality, orchestrating its own performance in response to changing conditions.

Air Purification Performance

The stage is set, and the TP02 takes the spotlight. In rigorous tests, this flagship air purifier from Dyson has showcased its prowess by reducing PM2.5 and PM10 levels to an astounding 0.2 within a mere hour, while the AQI stands at a pristine 0. These impressive numbers leave the audience in awe, as the TP02’s performance ranks among the best in the air purifier industry.

We compare the results by looking at the overall air quality index, and PM (2.5 and 10).

What is PM?

PM stands for “Particulate Matter”. This measurement can basically be divided into two camps , PM10 and PM2.5.

  • PM 10 = particulate matter that is 10 micrometers and smaller
  • PM 2.5 = particulate matter that is 2.5 micrometers and smaller
We perform these tests in our home-based testing lab, meaning that the air is much like the air you’d find in most average homes. For example, we have a dog, a baby, and seasonal allergens that come and go.

Below is our testing data from the Dyson TP02:

Starting Baseline

PM2.5: 2.8

PM10: 4.1

Particles: 279

AQI: 11

After 1 hour

PM2.5: 0.2

PM10: 0.2

Particles: 29

AQI: 0

Within 1 hour the Dyson TP02 had improved PM2.5 from 2.8 to 0.2, an improvement of 92.8%. Additionally, PM10 was reduced from 4.1 to 0.2, an improvement of 95.1%.

Setup & Usability

Setting up the TP02 is akin to conducting a seamless performance:

  • Unbox everything and remove the packaging
  • Install the filter (slides into the base)
  • Plug it in
  • Turn on
That’s it. From there, you can set it on auto mode or select a manual operating mode.


As for maintenance, the TP02 requires periodic filter replacement, typically recommended annually, and simple amplifier and air in-take cleaning with a microfiber or dusting cloth.


Depending on how often and hard you run your air purifier will determine how often you need to change the filter.
That’s it.

Is the Dyson Pure Cool TP02 a good value?


In the air purifier symphony, the Dyson Pure Cool TP02 takes the final bow, its legacy etched in the hearts and homes of those who have witnessed its exceptional performance. A timeless masterpiece that combines value, efficiency, and elegance, the TP02 leaves behind a crescendo of clean, healthy air for generations to come.

Dyson TP02 Specifications

ModelPure Cool TP02
Weight8.4 pounds
FiltersHEPA Filter
Wifi CompatibleYes
Max Airflow ~410 liters / sec
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty1-Year limited
PriceCheck Price

Should You Buy the Dyson Pure Cool TP04?

Still not sure if the TP02 is right for you? Below we’ve summarized the most important factors.

You should buy the Dyson Pure Cool TP02 if:

Questions or comments? Please drop us a note down below. We’re always happy to answer any questions.


Excellent Performance & Easy to Use
Design - 95%
Performance - 100%
Quality - 98%
Usability - 100%
Value - 97%
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