The Air Purifier Showdown: AirDoctor 5500 vs. Molekule Air Pro

Written By: Dr Fahad Yasin

In the battle for clean air supremacy, two behemoths of the industry, AirDoctor and Molekule, lock horns with their flagship air purifier models – the AirDoctor 5500 and the Molekule Air Pro

With a history of delivering pristine air to their customers, AirDoctor has expanded its reach beyond the USA to cater to a global market. Molekule, on the other hand, has been a prominent international player since its inception in 2014.

Today, we delve into the intricacies of their offerings to discern the true champion in the realm of air purification.

AirDoctor mainly works in the USA but recently started selling its air purifiers in Europe and other parts of the world.

Why did I decide to compare Molekule and AirDoctor? Because both make awesome air purifiers, this time, I chose to compare their largest devices – AirDoctor 5500 and Molekule Air Pro Air Purifier.

Better OverallStrong Aluminium Body
ProductAir Doctor 5500Molekule Air Pro
Filters2 Pre-Filters, 2 Carbon/VOC Filters, 2 UltraHEPA filters
Pre-Filter And Multi-layer PECO-Filter
Coverage 5x/hour868 sq. ft.
666 sq. ft.
Coverage 2x/hour2170sq. ft.
1665 sq. ft.
CADR (Smoke)/CFM560
Fan Speed6
6 + 2
Power Consumption10 - 100 watts
26 - 123 watts
Noise Levels30 - 50 dB
33 - 64 dB
Dimensions16” (D) x 16” (D) x 29.75” (H)
23.9 in. (H) x 10.9 in. (W)
Weight33 lbs
22.9 lbs

Table Of Content

AirDoctor 5000 Vs. Molekule Air Pro – Design


  • Embracing a sturdy white perforated body, the AirDoctor 5500 stands tall with dimensions of 16” (D) x 16” (D) x 29.75” (H).
  • While its weight of 33 lbs might seem hefty, its in-built handles and recessed wheels provide ease of movement, akin to a fortress on the move.

Molekule Air Pro

  • Cloaked in a suave greyish-smooth finish, the Molekule Air Pro boasts a cylindrical design, adorned with a vegan leather handle atop.
  • At 23.9 inches in height and weighing 22.9 lbs, this air purifier exudes an air of sophistication, befitting the modern abode.

AirDoctor 5500 Vs. Molekule Air Pro – Functionality and Performance Comparison

AirDoctor 5500

  •  With a purifying capacity of 868 sq. ft. 5x/hour or 2170 sq. ft. 2x/hour, the AirDoctor 5500 is a relentless sentinel in the war against impurities.
  •  Its six fan speeds offer a harmonious blend of air purification and ambient noise, with a noise level ranging from 30 to 50 dB.
  •  Power consumption ranges from 10 to 100 watts, delivering an efficient performance at a meager monthly electricity cost.
  •  Armed with an air quality particle sensor, the AirDoctor 5500 autonomously activates when air quality deteriorates, its touch control panel granting access to an array of purification options.

Molekule Air Pro

  •  Covering 666 sq. ft. 5x/hour or 1665 sq. ft. 2x/hour, the Molekule Air Pro radiates a more focused prowess.
  •  Its six fan speeds and additional two modes offer versatility in airflow, with noise levels ranging from 33 to 64 dB.
  •  Power consumption between 26 to 123 watts translates to a monthly electricity expenditure, depending on usage.
  •  Boasting a sensor-driven display and an enchanting app, the Molekule Air Pro presents users with comprehensive air quality data and graphs, epitomizing data-driven control.

AirDoctor 5500 Vs. Molekule Air Pro – Filtration

Air Doctor 5500

  •  Sporting a robust six-filter system, the AirDoctor 5500 wields two Pre-Filters, two Carbon/VOC Filters, and two UltraHEPA filters in its quest for pristine air.
  •  It captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.003 microns, eclipsing competitors in filtration efficiency.

Molekule Air Pro

The Molekule Air Pro employs a multi-layer PECO-Filter, synergizing pre-filtration and PECO filtration to capture 99.97% of particles as minuscule as 0.003 microns, a formidable feat.

AirDoctor 5500 Vs. Molekule Air Pro – Which One Is Better?

In the quest for the ultimate air purification champion, both AirDoctor 5500 and Molekule Air Pro present compelling advantages.

Air Doctor’s grandeur and efficiency commend it as a versatile guardian, while Molekule Air Pro‘s modern allure and data-driven control bestow an aura of sophistication. As the battle wages on, discerning users must select the purifier that resonates harmoniously with their unique preferences and air purification aspirations.

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